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Commissioners hear a presentation from the BLM concerning roads management
A representative of the Bureau of Land Management delivered a presentation to the Josephine County Commissioners concerning BLM’s management of roads.

BLM Grants Pass Resource Area Field Manager Allen Bollschweiler told the commissioners BLM lands in Josephine County are managed different than lands in the rest of the country because of the O&C Act which is legislation that provides for the continued production of timber.

There are three types of roads managed by the BLM. Reciprocal Right-of-Way Agreement roads which are agreements held between the BLM and a private party for roads that cross the checkerboard pattern of private and federal land in the county and are not public accessible. Non-Exclusive Easements which are roads on private land and the rights to these roads are retained by the private owner but the BLM has access to these lands for various operations. Finally, Exclusive Easements are roads acquired on lands for BLM activity and these roads are open to the public. Bollschweiler says roughly 150 gates exist within the county to not only keep the public off roads in privately owned areas but to prevent the public from harming endangered wildlife, safety reasons on collapsing or unmaintained roads and to preserve historic areas.

Keys to all gates in the county have also been to Sheriff Gil Gilbertson so he can enforce the law or perform rescue operations in those areas if needed.

Commissioners also approved the sale of county land in the North Valley Industrial Park to the Boersma Brothers Corporation, the use of state funds to purchase software for Community Corrections and a least agreement with the Health Care Coalition of Southern Oregon for space in the County Health Department.
Posted on 8/6/14 12:19PM by Jared Dill