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Brazen Two-Bit Thief Bags Almost $900 in Quarters
The Medford Police Department is searching for a man with a key that unlocks vending machines that either takes or dispenses coins.

This person has stolen $866 in quarters from four Medford businesses. The thief has so far has emptied the machines while the businesses were open.

The first theft occurred June 19th at Abbyís Pizza on Riverside Avenue. Video surveillance shows the man opening the machine and bagging $81 worth of quarters.

On June 21st Roundtable Pizza on Poplar Drive discovered the coin dispenser hidden in the menís restroom. The box had been forcibly removed and $600 in quarters was missing and repairs to the machine will be $300.

Other businesses suffering losses include the Trophy Club on July 15th and the Medford Centerís Little Caesars.

Police describe the man as white, in his late 40ís, about five feet ten inches tall, and weighing about 190 pounds. He is bald, tan and drives a white sedan, similar to a Honda Accord with Washington plates.

Machine Company owners say all their keys are accounted for.
Posted on 7/31/14 10:51AM by Chuck Benson