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Kidnapping Conviction Gets Medford Man 10 Years
Last Friday a Jackson County jury found James Calvin Patterson Junior, 38 guilty of several charges including second-degree kidnapping and yesterday Judge Kelly Ravassipour delivered a 10-year prison sentence.

During the trial the victim said Patterson became angry with her in his Sunset Avenue home and struck her with a hair dryer, assaulted and strangled her until she passed out. Then he locked her in the garage. When she came to, she escaped by cutting through boards covering a broken window and called 911 from a neighbor’s home.

Patterson expressed regret at the violent episode and over his drug addictions.

Prosecutor David Hoppe said the state had asked for the full 14 and a half year sentence be imposed based on the defendant’s long history of assaultive behavior.
Posted on 7/30/14 10:37AM by Chuck Benson