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Council seeks ways to expedite the Alcohol in the Park Permitting Process
The Grants Pass City Council during their Monday Workshop reviewed possible changes to the Alcohol in the Park Permitting Process.

Community Development Director Michael Black addressed council about the topic that was proposed by Councilor Lily Morgan. Currently, every Alcohol in the Park Permit has to be approved by the city council and Morgan felt this process could be cumbersome for council business.

The new draft ordinance would allow the parks director to approve a permit upon a consultation with other relevant city departments such as Public Safety. Anyone who violated the parameters of the code at their event would be banned from receiving another Alcohol in the Park Permit for 24 months.

Councilor Dan DeYoung requested that if a permit is denied the petitioner would have the right to appeal. DeYoung also requested that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission have authority in the ordinance and if a request for a permit is not approved in 30 days it would be automatically approved. Councilor Mark Gatlin sought to have an appeal process created for the violation process.

Councilors will vote on the ordinance during a future council meeting.
Posted on 7/28/14 1:32PM by Jared Dill