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The fire danger level is now extreme and restrictions on the Rogue River Wild and Scenic Section have tightened
The fire danger level rose to extreme today in the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Southwest District and additional restrictions have been placed on the use of power equipment and on travelers in the Rogue River Wild and Scenic Section.

Temperatures have hovered around the 100 degree mark which has cooked vegetation into a tinder-dry condition.

All previous restrictions remain in effect and additionally all power-driven and spark-emitting equipment such as chainsaws, mowers, wood splitters and generators must be shut down by 10:00 a.m. daily. A fire watch of at least an hour is required after this type of equipment is shut down. The use of sky lanterns is also prohibited.

Additional restrictions placed on the Rogue River Wild and Scenic Section include: smoking is only allowed on boats in the water or on vegetation-free gravel bars; open fires are prohibited but portable cooking stoves are allowed on vegetation-free gravel bars; travelers must carry a shovel and one-gallon bucket; and fireworks are prohibited.

The Industrial Fire Precaution Level remains at level two.
Posted on 7/19/14 6:33AM by Jared Dill