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Jackson County Upgrades Citizen Alert System
Jackson County Emergency Management has just completed an upgrade to Citizen Alert, the County Emergency Notification System.

Jackson County uses Citizen Alert to send emergency information to citizens of Jackson County who may be in danger, or need to be provided critical, time sensitive information. This type of information may be related to any type of emergency event, such as wildfire evacuations, hazardous materials accidents or even a fugitive in your area. The phone numbers used by the system are obtained from the phone company, and are exclusively landline telephones, no cellular devices. Jackson County does not share this information with anyone.

Citizen Alert also has the option for citizens to self-register and thereby set their contact preferences, add additional information, and subscribe to a variety of import non-emergency alerts. By “opting-in,” citizens will enhance their ability to receive emergency information by entering additional contact preferences such as email or cellular phone numbers.

Citizens can also get emergency and important information about up to five locations of their choice within Jackson County, such as their child’s school or a loved one’s residence. The cities of Ashland, Medford, and Central Point all participate in this program, as well as Jackson County, and may send different or additional information to its citizens. Please note that if you live in a household without a landline, you will not receive emergency notifications unless you Opt-In.

Grants Pass has a similar system.
Posted on 6/13/14 3:19PM by Chuck Benson