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Talent-Ashland-Phoenix Pipeline Construction Underway
The project to extend the water line from Talent to Ashland for potential emergency use late this summer is underway. The on-the-ground work at the Ashland segment began June 3rd and they have put almost 5,000 feet of pipe in the ground in a week. The entire pipeline and pump station is expected to be complete by mid-August.

The pipeline will enable Ashland to supplement its own water supply if needed. Snowpack in the Ashland watershed is at extremely low levels. Reeder Reservoir is currently full, but eventually more water will be drained for use than will flow in from the watershed.

Ashland officials have warned residents they likely will face water curtailment measures this summer because of the drought.

The city has outlined four stages of curtailment, outlining a structure where customers that use more than their allotted amount of water could be charged four to ten times the normal rate.
Posted on 6/13/14 10:23AM by Chuck Benson