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Rural Metro Upgrades Breathing Apparatus
Rural/Metro Fire Department has purchased 41 new SCBA air packs for firefighter use while inside of a structure that is on fire.

Firefighters rely on breathable air when inside of a house that is on fire. The toxic smoke inside of a fire would injure or kill a firefighter. The only way this air can be provided is through the use of a special air pack called a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, much like what divers use underwater.

The Department has been using air packs that are twenty years old and with all the advancement in technology and standards over the last twenty years, they needed to get new air packs for the safety of firefighters. It was getting harder to fix and replace parts on the old packs due to them being outdated. Rural/Metro invested over $250,000 into the purchase of the new packs.

The firefighters are spending the month of June training on the new SCBA packs and the new packs will be on the fire engines starting July 1st.
Posted on 6/10/14 3:36PM by Chuck Benson