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Cadillac Crashes into Medical Building; 2 Patients Hospitalized
The Pain Specialists of Southern Oregon Building on Bennett Avenue in Medford received significant damage and two patients inside suffered injuries that sent them to the hospital when a red Cadillac crashed through the front doors of the office.

The driver, who was born in 1930, was backing up in the parking lot just after 11 a.m. when he either became confused or got his foot stuck on the accelerator causing him to crash into the building.

One person walking out the door was struck by car and sustained a laceration to the leg, and another was struck by flying debris. They were both taken to the hospital for treatment. The driver declined medical assistance.

No citations were issued because the incident occurred on private property, but Medford Police are going to submit for the driver to be retested by DMV.
Posted on 6/5/14 10:37AM by Chuck Benson