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G.P. Council argues over changes to development code
The Grants Pass City Council during their Monday workshop focused on an item that wasn’t on the agenda and several councilors were split on how to progress with changes to the development code.

The topic was brought up during agenda review. Councilor Jim Williams questioned Community Development Director Michael Black about the code and he stated that several sections of it have glaring problems and he asked when the code could be changed. Black said the entire code should be revised after the acceptance of the Urban Growth Boundary by an outside entity due to lack of staff but small changes could be made through council suggestion.

Councilor Lily Morgan fired back at Black and she said she did not like his answer. Morgan said amendments needed to be made to the code now and the city should not have to wait until the UGB is approved.

Mayor Darin Fowler stepped in and reiterated several points made by Black and he encouraged the development of a list of code changes. Councilor Dennis Webber added his input by saying it would be most effective for concerned councilors to make a list of code changes, bring those to Council President Dan DeYoung and then see if other councilors support the changes because any changes should be backed by the entire council’s support.

Williams finished the conversation by saying council shouldn’t have to make a list and staff should act on implementing changes to the code.

Fowler then brought the meeting back to the items listed on the agenda.
Posted on 5/19/14 2:29PM by Jared Dill