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DUII Driver in Fatal Crash Sentenced to 5 Years’ Probation
Judge Pat Wolke sentenced Austin Charles Lawrence to 5 years supervised probation on charges stemming from a fatal car crash on October 22nd of 2012.

Originally charged with manslaughter 2, Assault 3, DUII, and reckless driving, the manslaughter charge was changed to criminally negligent homicide, the assault 3 downgraded and the reckless driving charge dropped.

Lawrence and two friends were drinking in a Cave Junction Pub and after closing were headed east on Highway 199 when Lawrence lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree, killing Brandon Gundy, and breaking the leg of Clyde Green.

Lawrence himself suffered severe injuries, which left his own life in jeopardy, delaying the disposition of charges for many months. Lawrence suffered permanent whole paralysis from the neck down and appeared in court in a wheel chair.

Lawrence was assessed the standard fines for all charges and his attorney fees. He will go before the victim impact panel.

All concerned with the case, including the deceased’s mother did not want any more punishment levied against Lawrence. He did volunteer to appear before groups and point out the dangers of drinking and driving.
Posted on 5/19/14 10:49AM by Chuck Benson