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TIMER - TEMPLATE - Place Script between head and body tags - ADD THREE HOURS
Alleged golf club murdererís trial begins in Medford
The trial of an alleged golf club wielding murderer began in Medford Tuesday in Jackson County Circuit Court.

31-year-old Travis Asbill is accused of violently attacking 54-year-old Donald William Mack with a golf club just after noon on June 3, 2012, in a Medford apartment at 115 Almond St. Paramedics arrived shortly after the incident was reported to find Mack with massive head trauma. He died while en route to the hospital.

Police arrested Asbill shortly after the incident and he has been lodged in jail since.

Asbill allegedly committed the crime while on post-prison supervision for an attempted murder charge where he shot and stabbed a man multiple times on Nov. 4 of 2003.
Posted on 5/14/14 6:29AM by Jared Dill