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OR-7 May have a Mate; Puppies?
The lonely wolf, OR-7, may not be so lonely these days as there are indications he may have found a mate in the Southern Oregon Cascades.

Remote cameras on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest captured several images of what appears to be a black female wolf in the same area OR-7 is located. New images of OR-7 were also captured on the cameras that were checked on May 7th.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife service says the information is not definitive, but itís likely the new wolf and OR-7 have paired up. More localized GPS collar data from OR-7 indicates they may have denned, and if that is correct, they could be rearing pups this time of year.

The presence of pups wonít be able to be confirmed until June or later, when the earliest pup surveys are conducted. New pups would be less than a month old at this time.

OR-7 was born in northeast Oregon in 2009 and left that pack in 2011 to travel across Oregon and into California, becoming the first known wolf in that state since 1924.

OR-7ís GPS collar, which was expected to die last fall, is still transmitting his location several times a day enabling wildlife managers to track him closely.
Posted on 5/12/14 3:09PM by Chuck Benson