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Medford School Board Declares “Emergency” to Prep for Strike; All Sports & After School Activities to be Cancelled if Strike Goes Forward.
The Medford School Board met today and declared a state of emergency to prepare for a possible teachers strike February 6th.

The Board passed resolutions giving the Superintendent extra authority, prohibited the picketing on school property, restricted signs and banners on District property and authorized funding to continue school operations.

If the strike is called schools would be closed Thursday and Friday, the 6th and 7th with classes resuming the following Monday with substitute teachers for half days and schools consolidated at selected sites. One school would hold classes in the morning and a second school would have classes in the afternoon at the same location.

The Board will also be meeting in continuous executive session meaning they do not need to give a 24-hour public notice before gathering.

It was also announced all sports and after school activities would be canceled and games forfeited. It is unclear at this point how that will affect District 7 teams. A wrestling meet, originally scheduled for February 6th at South Medford High has been rescheduled to the 5th.
Posted by Chuck Benson