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Commissioners approve purchase of seeds for reforestation
The Josephine County Commissioners during their Wednesday business session approved the purchase of $126,000 worth of Douglas fir seeds for use in reforestation of county land.

During last summers wildfires 2,250 acres burned in the Dad’s Creek Fire, 320 acres in the Brimstone Fire and 40 acres in the Stratton Creek Fire for a total of 2,610 acres. Forestry Program Manager Vic Harris says the plan is to purchase nearly 900,000 seedlings in order to plant roughly 400 seedlings per acre.

The reforestation efforts are projected to be complete by the year 2017. Labor and all other costs combined will total an estimated $750,000.

Commissioner Simon Hare said, “There is some risk in investing in reforestation,” adding that the county needs to advocate to their neighbors, the BLM and the ODF, to become diligent stewards of their timberlands so bug infestations, fires and other catastrophic events can be avoided on county lands.

The meeting began with self-titled county watcher Dale Matthews and his camera strapped to a chair and the meeting was put on hold until Public Safety officers arrived. After speaking with officers, Matthews relocated his camera to the aisle area and the meeting was reconvened.
Posted by Jared Dill