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Freezing Rain Coats County Roads; Power Outages & Accidents Galore-UPDATED
Freezing rain coated county roads in the early morning hours resulting in a plethora of accidents and power outages.

A semi-truck reportedly went off the road at Robertson Bridge tying up traffic and striking a power pole. Pacific Power had to disconnect 452 customers to facilitate repairs. That number grew to 984 before power was restored at 12:36 this afternoon. Pacific Power reported an earlier outage to 232 customers at its peak in the Jump-off Joe Creek area. All 232 of those customers have been restored.

An accident involving at least 4 vehicles was reported on Monument Drive near Fleming Middle School that resulted in at least one person being transported to the hospital.

A rollover was reported on highway 238 on the curve near the golf course with two more incidents, one south of Grants Pass about three miles and one near Applegate.

The County department of public works had three sanders and 2 deicers working. They are continuing to deice many of the trouble spots in the county.

According to ODOT no accidents were reported on I-5.
Posted by Chuck Benson