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Halloween Bank Robber Found Guilty
Jonathan Stau, the man suspected in the Halloween bank robbery at the Chase Bank located inside Fred Meyers, has been found guilty of first degree robbery, a felony which usually carries a 7-8 year sentence.

Stau, a 42 year old Grants Pass man, had not denied robbing the bank but Stau’s attorney denied he was armed during the ordeal.

Stau had exited a hired cab, and walked into the Grants Pass Fred Meyer around noon, he then slipped the Chase bank teller a note and instructed that he didn’t want “bait money or dye” referring to the techniques of subterfuge used by banks to thwart robberies by either using fake notes, or explosive dye packs.

Surveillance video showed Stau lifting his shirt, later a witness testified seeing a firearm tucked in his waistband, after making off with nearly $8,000 and having his hired cab drive to Central Point where Stau was apprehended after apparently making a scene outside Crater High school. The Police saw his pockets bulging with cash, but no gun was recovered.
Posted by Kyle Dunlap