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Bombing of D.A.’s Office to Delay Sentencing of McVay
Alan Leroy McVay, 46, told police he attempted to destroy the Jackson County District Attorney’s office to delay a scheduled sentencing he faced for burglarizing a Medford home in 2011.

McVay is facing federal charges of malicious destruction of property by explosion. According to FBI investigators affidavit, authorities received a tip linking McVay to the bombing. His co-defendant has already been sentenced and the FBI obtained recordings of incriminating phone calls with his burglary conspirator.

According to the affidavit McVay lit the fuse on the improvised explosive device before hurling it through the window of the D.A.’s office. The device did not fully enter the building, getting caught in the windows blinds. The propane tank only partially detonated, catching fire and destroying several windows. Police say if the device had fully exploded the building would have been leveled.

McVay remains in the Jackson County Jail with his bail set at $5 million.
Posted by Chuck Benson