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Crews Knock Down House Fire, Near SOU Saturday Morning
Crews Knock Down House Fire, Near SOU Saturday Morning

Pajama-clad residents in a neighborhood above Southern Oregon University took to the street Saturday morning as twenty firefighters and command staff from Ashland Fire & Rescue, along with Jackson County Fire District #5 responded to a two-alarm fire at 588 Elkader St.

The fire was reported to be burning in the home’s attic. The homeowner was battling the blaze with a garden hose from outside when fire crews arrived.

Firefighters accessed the attic from inside and tore into the roof to completely extinguish the flames. The fire started where a stove pipe exited a wall and passed through the roofing to the chimney.

There was damage to items stored in the attic and smoke damage to the home. No injuries were reported.
Posted by Tom Ray