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Wednesday Sheriff’s Office incidents
A complainant crashed his vehicle after avoiding a deer near the intersection of Winona and Jump Off Joe Creek roads. He left for help and when he returned his vehicle had been broken into and approximately $1,000 worth of items had been stolen.

A white Ford Explorer was found in a ditch on its roof in the 7000 block of Rockydale. The vehicle was stripped and had its VIN number removed and appeared to have been there for some time.

A man said while sleeping in his vehicle at the O’Brien Store an unknown suspect held an assault rifle to his window, then stole his wallet and cell phone and took the victim’s keys before departing.

Mail was stolen out of a mailbox in the 1500 block of Hubbard Lane.

A bag full of what appeared to be medical waste, including gloves, gauze, tape and a large amount of blood was located in the 1300 block of Falcon Crest Lane. OSP were notified of the discovery.

A miner reported he had over $8,000 worth of mining equipment stolen including a case of dynamite.

An individual crashed his vehicle in the 800 block of Winona Road and walked to his girlfriend’s house. When he returned the vehicle had been entered and over $1,000 worth of items were stolen.
Posted by Jared Dill