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D.O.J. To Take No Action in Hare’s Stolen Jeep
The Oregon Department of Justice has notified the Josephine County District Attorney, Stephen Campbell, they do not believe there is additional investigation to be done, nor is there sufficient evidence to charge Simon Hare with a crime, but the final say does rest with Campbell.

May 10th of this year Commissioner Hare reported his 2007 Jeep Cherokee stolen from downtown in the 200 block of Southwest G Street.

Police records show the jeep was recovered about 9:30 p.m. on the 10th and that Hare was in Cave Junction when informed his jeep had been found.

Campbell asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether Hare filed a false report after the incident had been investigated by both Grants Pass Police and the Medford City Police.

The state’s Criminal Justice Division indicates they will take no further action in this matter.
Posted by Chuck Benson