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Autistic 11-Year-Old Found Safe
An 11-year-old autistic girl wandered away from her home but it safe after an intensive one-hour search in Medford Monday afternoon.

At 3:59 p.m. the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 4100 block of Cedar Lane, for a report of a missing girl. The girl was in the front yard of her home when she wandered off.

At least nine Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies and detectives, Search and Rescue – including a tracking dog, and officers from both Phoenix and Talent Police Departments responded to the call. Alert One was activated from the Ashland Airport.

Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon also activated “A Child is Missing” protocol which sends an automated message to landline phones telling people details about the missing child; including a description, name, and area last seen and provides a local number for people to call in with information

Involved units searched several surrounding properties and residences. The 11 year old child was found at 5:08 p.m. inside a neighbor’s home. She was found uninjured and in good health.
Posted by Chuck Benson