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Jackson County Burglars Must Pay Restitution
Three serial burglars pled guilty Wednesday in the Recovery Opportunity Court in Jackson County and must serve probation and pay restitution to their victims. Failure to comply will result in prison time for Tyree Anthony Hairston, Broc Alan Atkinson and Michael Todd Diehl.

According to a Jackson County Deputy D.A. the Recovery Opportunity Court helps offenders find employment so they can repay victims.

The Jackson County Circuit Court program is designed specifically for repeat offenders addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Diehl, 44, and Hairston, 22, have been in the Jackson County Jail since July after they were arrested in unrelated burglary cases. Atkinson, 22, has been free on his own recognizance since June.

Atkinson is one of four men arrested May 31st after stealing jewelry and electronics worth thousands of dollars from residences where the victims were in their homes asleep. One of his co-defendants has entered the Recovery program and the cases of the other two are pending.

Hairston was arrested July 15th and found with evidence of meth possession and manufacture. He rode a bicycle between homes in Medford and Central Point where he also stole jewelry and electronics.

Diehl was arrested after breaking into 22 R.V.ís in storage units and stealing weapons, ammo, T.V.ís, and cash. He was found living in a stolen R.V.
Posted by Chuck Benson