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Election Results
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Posted on 5/20/14 8:32PM by Chuck Benson
Town Hall Meeting in Wolf Creek Wednesday Evening
The Josephine Board of Commissioners is hosting a town hall community meeting on medical marijuana dispensaries in Wolf Creek Wednesday night at 6:00.
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Posted on 5/20/14 3:58PM by Chuck Benson
Medford Ed Center’s Glass Panels to be Replaced Soon
The glass panels in the RCC/SOU Education Center in Medford that failed in March, showering glass onto occupants, tables and the floor will be replaced with locally made sheet metal panels with work scheduled to start in mid-June. Two students suffered non-life threatening injuries and the area has since been cordoned off.
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Posted on 5/20/14 9:42AM by Chuck Benson
Boater’s Advisory: Boat Inspection Stations Now Open
Should you be planning on taking your personal watercraft outside of Boatnik’s realm this holiday weekend you should be aware the aquatic invasive species boat inspections stations are now open in Ashland, Gold Beach, Klamath Falls, Lakeview and Ontario.
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Posted on 5/20/14 9:21AM by Chuck Benson
G.P. Council set to sign contract with Media Makers for downtown travel, tourism and marketing services
The Grants Pass City Council during their Wednesday meeting at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at 101 N.W. A St. are set to vote on the approval of a contract with Media Makers for travel, tourism and downtown marketing and public relations services.
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Posted on 5/20/14 8:43AM by Jared Dill
Today is Election Day!
Today is Election Day and the last opportunity to turn in ballots is at 8:00 p.m.
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Posted on 5/20/14 5:59AM by Jared Dill
Safety Belt Campaign Successful
Monday the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Traffic Team conducted a traffic safety operation in the downtown area of Grants Pass. This operation focused on enforcement in the areas of the proper use of seat belts/safety restraints, and cell phone use while driving.
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Posted on 5/19/14 3:57PM by Chuck Benson
Learn to Burn Training Exercise Effective Practice for Firefighters
On Saturday Rural/Metro Firefighters were on scene at 809 Coutant Lane in Southwest Grants Pass for a house fire that was intentionally set by the firefighters so they could train on how to extinguish them better and more efficiently.
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Posted on 5/19/14 2:40PM by Chuck Benson
Stolen Pickup Recovered; Medford P.D. Searches for Identified Suspect
Medford Police are looking for Jonathan Paul McDonald, 25, who is the primary suspect in several crimes including burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, theft and drug possession charges.
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Posted on 5/19/14 2:33PM by Chuck Benson
G.P. Council argues over changes to development code
The Grants Pass City Council during their Monday workshop focused on an item that wasn’t on the agenda and several councilors were split on how to progress with changes to the development code.
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Posted on 5/19/14 2:29PM by Jared Dill

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