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TIMER - TEMPLATE - Place Script between head and body tags - ADD THREE HOURS
Female rolls quad and suffers injuries
A female quad driver rode the vehicle into the side of a parked semi-truck in the 900 block of Old Highway 99 at approximately 10:52 a.m. Wednesday.
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Posted on 8/14/14 11:18AM by Jared Dill
Amity Woman Arrested in Jacksonville for Custodial Interference
Yamhill County authorities say a woman who ignored a court order to return her son to the boy's father has been arrested in southern Oregon.
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Posted on 8/14/14 11:07AM by Chuck Benson
Evacuations lifted for the Rogue River Drive Fire
Evacuations in the area of the Rogue River Drive Fire near Shady Cove have been lifted as of 10:00 a.m. today.
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Posted on 8/14/14 10:56AM by Jared Dill
Low Water in Jackson County Lakes Creating Boating Hazards
Drought conditions are impacting Jackson County lakes and reservoirs, creating boating hazards because of low water conditions.
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Posted on 8/14/14 10:40AM by Chuck Benson
Flying Motorcycles & Monster Trucks Headline the Fair Friday
Free style motorcycle exhibitions, tuff trucks and monster trucks are the grandstand entertainment Friday night at the Josephine County Fair. The show starts at 6:30 and is free with your fair admission.
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Posted on 8/14/14 10:17AM by Chuck Benson
Incidents from Wednesday’s State Trooper Desk Log
The desk log for the Oregon State Police Grants Pass office showed these incidents occurred Wednesday.
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Posted on 8/14/14 9:24AM by Chuck Benson
Firefighters complete line on the Rogue River Drive Fire
Firefighters have completed fire line on the Rogue River Drive Fire south of Shady Cove.
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Posted on 8/14/14 5:58AM by Jared Dill
Wednesday night’s storm brings 22 more lightning strikes to Jackson County
Wednesday night’s lightning storm brought an additional 22 lightning strikes to eastern and southeastern Jackson County.
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Posted on 8/14/14 5:40AM by Jared Dill
Commissioners Approve Parks Board By-Laws and Adjourn in 22 Minutes
The Josephine County Commissioners dealt with a short agenda during their Wednesday night Evening Business Session, passing one action item, hearing comments from citizens, tabling one consent agenda item, passing the rest and then adjourning in 22 minutes.
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Posted on 8/13/14 6:13PM by Chuck Benson
Twelve New Fires in National Forest
Wetting rains across the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest have reduced the intensity of active fires burning. However, despite the current rain, lightning strikes caused 12 new confirmed fires in the last 48 hours. Three fires are on the on the Siskiyou Mountains Ranger District with the largest being 1.3 acres located near Palmer Creek; this fire is contained. Seven of the new starts are located on the High Cascades Ranger District. Six of these are within the Bitter Complex area, totaling less than 5 acres. The last two new fires located on the Wild Rivers Ranger District total approximately 1 acre and are controlled
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Posted on 8/13/14 3:02PM by Chuck Benson

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