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TIMER - TEMPLATE - Place Script between head and body tags - ADD THREE HOURS
Judge sentences former Medford meth dealer found living in Costa Rica
U.S. District Chief Judge Ann Aiken sentenced a Medford meth dealer Wednesday who had spent years as a fugitive in Costa Rica.
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Posted on 10/2/14 5:23AM by Jared Dill
Grants Pass City Council Convened on a light agenda
Grants Pass City Council members met Wednesday night with a light agenda.
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Posted on 10/1/14 7:22PM by Kyle Dunlap
Commissioners approve first reading of ordinance that would approve a marijuana tax
The Josephine County Commissioners during their Wednesday business session approved the first reading of an ordinance that would tax both medicinal and recreational marijuana use in the county.
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Posted on 10/1/14 12:15PM by Jared Dill
Venison from Infected Black-Tailed Deer Okay for Consumption
Deer season opens Saturday and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says it's OK for hunters to eat meat from black-tailed deer infected in a disease outbreak in the southwest corner of the state.
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Posted on 10/1/14 10:55AM by Chuck Benson
Jackson County Sheriff Issues Warning of Unauthorized Fairgrounds Event
The Jackson County Sheriff’s office has issued a press release stating their office and the Jackson County Fairgrounds are not participating in an event being promoted as taking place this Saturday at the Jackson County Expo ponds
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Posted on 10/1/14 10:41AM by Chuck Benson
Rogue River Council Considers Pot Tax
The city of Rogue River may impose a 5 to 10 percent tax on sales of marijuana, if a dispensary ever opens there. The city has two clinics, the Herbal Resources Center and Herbal Pain Management Resource, that help people apply for medical marijuana cards from the state, but they're not permitted to sell cannabis.
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Posted on 10/1/14 9:43AM by Chuck Benson
Community Education Forum held on the Impact of Marijuana on our Youth
A Community Education Forum on the Impact of Marijuana on our Youth is being held Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Parkway Christian Center at 229 N.E. Beacon Drive in Grants Pass.
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Posted on 10/1/14 8:26AM by Jared Dill
Suspect pleads guilty to murder and robbery of Ashland man
The suspect in an Ashland murder and robbery last year pleaded guilty Tuesday to the charges in Jackson County Circuit Court.
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Posted on 10/1/14 5:21AM by Jared Dill
Transfer of Onion Mountain Fire Command Slated for Tomorrow
A transfer of command and control of the firefighting effort on the Onion Mountain Fire from the Type 3 Team back to the local unit, Wild Rivers Ranger District, will occur Wednesday morning.
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Posted on 9/30/14 3:39PM by Chuck Benson
City Council Faces Light Agenda
The Grants Pass City Council faces a light agenda when they convene Wednesday evening at 6:00 in Council Chambers at 101 Northwest “A” Street.
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Posted on 9/30/14 2:44PM by Chuck Benson

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