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No Sign of Missing Ashland Woman
The Ashland Police Department has issued a second release on a woman first report missing on August 20th. Cassandra Maureen Barondeau has not been in contact for the last 10 days.
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Posted on 8/26/14 3:06PM by Chuck Benson
District Seven Board I.D.’s Need for More Kindergarten Classrooms
The District Seven School Board, during their regular meeting in the district office today, received positive progress reports concerning their Kinder Plus program that targets at risk kindergarten students with special attention.
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Posted on 8/26/14 2:56PM by Chuck Benson
Central Point Man Jailed after Shots were Fired in Road Rage Incident
William Ashby, 56, of Central Point is in the Jackson County Jail on charges of menacing, assault three, and 2nd degree disorderly conduct following a road rage incident Monday evening on Truax Road.
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Posted on 8/26/14 11:59AM by Chuck Benson
Commissioners to Approve Title III Projects in Business Session
Approval of title III projects pursuant to the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act is on the County Commissioner’s agenda for the Weekly Business Session Wednesday morning at 9:00 in the Anne Basker Auditorium.
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Posted on 8/26/14 11:15AM by Chuck Benson
Monday Sheriff’s Office incidents
$500 and important papers such as birth certificates were stolen from a residence in the 1300 block of Reeves Creek Road.
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Posted on 8/26/14 8:45AM by Jared Dill
Gold Hill City Councilors withstand recall spurred by acceptance of pot dispensaries
Several members of the Gold Hill City Council managed to withstand a recall effort Monday evening.
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Posted on 8/26/14 5:38AM by Jared Dill
District #7 Board to Act on New and Revised Policies at Noon Meeting
The District Seven School Board will meet in the District offices on Dean Drive Tuesday at noon.
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Posted on 8/25/14 3:03PM by Chuck Benson
Sky Lakes Wilderness Fire Keeps Pacific Crest Trail Closed
A segment of the Pacific Coast Trail north of Highway 140 to the Crater Lake boundary remained closed Monday due to the activity of fire 790 in the Sky Lakes Wilderness.
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Posted on 8/25/14 2:52PM by Chuck Benson
Motorcycle Vs. Deer Equals Hospital Trip & DUII for Medford Man
A motorcycle/fawn deer collision on Highway 42 Sunday evening sent 28-year-old Micah B. Russell, of Medford to Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg.
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Posted on 8/25/14 2:42PM by Chuck Benson
Grants Pass Man Jailed after Fight at Hemp Expo
State Troopers arrested Timothy A. Seaux, 27, of Grants Pass early Sunday morning after responding to a disturbance reported at the Jefferson State Hemp Expo being staged in the 14,000 block of Highway 238.
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Posted on 8/25/14 2:27PM by Chuck Benson

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