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City Council Affirms UAPB’s Denial of Challis Heights Planned Unit Development
It was standing room only when the Grants Pass City Council convened a public hearing of an appeal of the Urban Area Planning Commission’s denial of the Challis Heights Planned Unit Development Wednesday night in Council Chambers.
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Posted on 8/20/14 9:59PM by Chuck Benson
County Fair Draws 78,000
Josephine County Fairgrounds Manager Mary Groves says attendance at the 100th Anniversary Fair was 78,000. According to Groves the livestock auction buyers spent a record $312,000.
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Posted on 8/20/14 3:01PM by Chuck Benson
Commissioners issue two proclamations declaring Community Action Month and formally supporting RVFSN
The Josephine County Commissioners during their Wednesday Business Session issued two proclamations, one proclaiming August 2014 as Community Action Month and the other for support of the Rogue Valley Food System Network.
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Posted on 8/20/14 11:36AM by Jared Dill
Mop-Up Hits High Gear on Old Blue Mountain Fire
Thousands of gallons of helicopter-borne water was poured on the Old Blue Mountain Fire Tuesday, significantly knocking out numerous hot spots within the 99-acre blaze that broke out late Monday during a thunderstorm. Early this morning, Incident Commander Steve Wetmore reported “Old Blue is one hundred percent lined and one hundred percent plumbed,” meaning the fire line was completed overnight and a system of fire hoses now encircles the burned area.
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Posted on 8/20/14 10:39AM by Chuck Benson
Police Car Look-Alike Stopped; Driver Ticketed for $3,220
A pseudo police car was caught twice speeding at close to 100 mph along Interstate 5, authorities said
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Posted on 8/20/14 9:35AM by Chuck Benson
USFS temporary tower finished at the Illinois Valley Airport
The United States Forest Service has finished the construction of a temporary air traffic control tower at the Illinois Valley Airport as they continue to set up a firefighting helicopter base.
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Posted on 8/20/14 6:29AM by Jared Dill
Illinois Valley neighborhood watch group takes a suspect into custody at gunpoint
Members of a neighborhood watch group in the Illinois Valley held a burglary suspect at gunpoint until police arrived to take him to jail.
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Posted on 8/20/14 6:17AM by Jared Dill
Grants Pass man shot by his own gun while starting a campfire on the Oregon coast
Sgt. Pat Downing says deputies headed to a Coos Bay, Oregon, hospital last Friday night after a 27-year-old Grants Pass man called to say he had shot himself in the leg.
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Posted on 8/20/14 6:11AM by Jared Dill
ODF hammers the Old Blue Mountain Fire with bucket drops
The Oregon Department of Forestry hammered the Old Blue Mountain Fire eight miles south of Rogue River with bucket drops yesterday.
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Posted on 8/20/14 5:33AM by Jared Dill
Eight fires discovered from Monday’s thunderstorm-UPDATE
Eight fires have been discovered from Monday’s thunderstorm in southeast Josephine County and southwest Jackson County.
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Posted on 8/19/14 2:49PM by Jared Dill

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