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Second Arson Suspect Arrested in Medford
A second arson suspect was arrested yesterday in Medford after witnesses saw a man starting a fire at 1134 West 9th. A witness reported they saw the suspect light the fire from the 8th Street side, then walk away going west on 8th Street and then south on Hamilton. The witness began putting the fire out with a garden hose.
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Posted on 8/1/14 11:22AM by Chuck Benson
Incident management team takes over the growing Beaver Complex of Fires
An Oregon Department of Forestry incident management team has taken over the Beaver Complex of Fires which includes the expansive Oregon Gulch Fire and Salt Creek Fire.
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Posted on 8/1/14 11:20AM by Jared Dill
Thursday Public Safety incidents
Two transients were warned for illegal camping in the 1100 block of N.E. 10th Street.
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Posted on 8/1/14 10:44AM by Jared Dill
How Hot Was It?
The average high temperature in July was 97.9 degrees. The month had 15 days with the daily high temperature at 100 degrees or higher and the last five days of the month were all over 100
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Posted on 8/1/14 9:34AM by Chuck Benson
Thursday Sheriff’s Office incidents
47-year-old Lena Miller was arrested in the 400 block of San Francisco Street on charges of second-degree attempted assault and unlawful use of a weapon for attempting to stab her uncle and a dog with a knife during a domestic disturbance.
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Posted on 8/1/14 8:43AM by Jared Dill
Medford Council Approves New Police Station Design
A new police station design reminiscent of the Lithia Motors headquarters was selected by the City Council on Thursday. Most councilors voiced support for the plan, though some suggested adding a few curves or rounded corners
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Posted on 8/1/14 8:38AM by Chuck Benson
Ashland Creek Bacteria Levels Higher than Safety Standards
The Ashland Parks and Recreation Department warned People should stay out of Ashland Creek near the children's playground area in Lithia Park.
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Posted on 8/1/14 8:31AM by Chuck Benson
The Oregon Gulch Fire grows massively and crosses into California
The Oregon Gulch Fire, located in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, has grown to 5,300 acres and has spread from eastern Jackson County into Klamath County and northern California.
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Posted on 8/1/14 5:38AM by Jared Dill
Fires abound from recent thunderstorms
The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest reports 99 fires have been created by thunderstorms in the past few days.
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Posted on 7/31/14 12:16PM by Jared Dill
Wednesday Sheriff’s Office and OSP incidents
An unknown suspect damaged a vehicle causing it to leak fuel in the 300 block of Galice Road.
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Posted on 7/31/14 11:17AM by Jared Dill

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