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Traveling Nurse Located Safe
Oregon State Police have made contact with a woman and confirmed she is safe in the Crater Lake area and in need of no assistance after she was reported missing early this morning. Contact was made about 10:00 a.m. via her cellphone.
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Posted on 9/29/14 10:41AM by Chuck Benson
Oregon State Police Weekend Incident Log
Saturday morning, while driving through the Grave Creek boat ramp a State Trooper saw a man exiting the area with a backpack and noticed glass was broken out of a passenger side window of a pickup. The Trooper stopped the man, who supplied his name, and told the trooper he was taking the backpack to Jason, who owned the truck. The registration for the truck said it was owned by an Eric, and Ericís fishing license was in the backpack. The subject then confessed to breaking into the truck. His real name is Tim D. Plumlee and he had two outstanding felony warrants
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Posted on 9/29/14 9:48AM by Chuck Benson
State Representative Candidate Debate held at the Fruitdale Grange
A Candidate Debate for the position of State Representative is being held at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday in the Fruitdale Grange located at 1440 Parkdale Drive in Grants Pass.
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Posted on 9/29/14 8:22AM by Jared Dill
OSP seeks publicís help to locate missing woman who was headed to Crater Lake
The Oregon State Police are asking for the publicís help to locate a traveling nurse who went missing Sunday while she was traveling from Eugene to Crater Lake.
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Posted on 9/29/14 5:23AM by Jared Dill
Happy Camp 97% Contained
The Happy Camp Complex of Fires are now 97 percent contained after having burned through 132,733 acres at a cost of over $87 million. Six structures were damaged by the fire.
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Posted on 9/28/14 9:35AM by Chuck Benson
Onion Mountain 95% Contained; Roads Open
The Wild Rivers Ranger District of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, assumed management of the fire this past Friday morning. Local Incident Commander Brandon Coville is supported primarily by local resources from the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service, including two crews and five engines. All aircraft support, except for one medium and one heavy helicopter stationed at the Merlin airport, has been released from the fire. Total assigned personnel resources have dropped to 64.
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Posted on 9/28/14 9:24AM by Chuck Benson
Grants Pass City Council Monday Workshop
The Grants Pass City Council will meet for their Monday workshop from 11:45am to 1:00pm in Council Chambers at 101 NW A Street.
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Posted on 9/28/14 8:28AM by Tom Ray
Small Power Outages Reported in Rogue Valley
Pacific Power is reporting several small power outages, ten to 15 customers at a time, throughout the Rogue Valley in unrelated areas.. Most are short-lived and attributed to the wind pushing power lines into trees. Crews are working throughout the Valley.
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Posted on 9/27/14 2:37PM by Chuck Benson
Residents report gunfire in the area of the Black Bird Shopping Center
Residents in west Medford reported hearing multiple gunshots at around 8:38 p.m. Friday in the area around the Black Bird Shopping Center.
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Posted on 9/27/14 8:28AM by Jared Dill
Fire Danger Level drops to Moderate for now
The Oregon Department of Forestry dropped the Fire Danger Level from high to moderate Friday night but they say this change may be short lived.
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Posted on 9/27/14 8:20AM by Jared Dill

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