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Crater Lake Proposes 150% Increase to Entrance Fee
A 150 percent increase in entrance fees for Crater Lake National Park has been proposed by the Park Service to account for inflation and provide revenue for maintenance projects.
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Posted on 11/22/14 5:35AM by Chuck Benson
Thursday Sheriff’s Office incidents
A vehicle struck another vehicle causing damage and taking off a side mirror before fleeing the scene in the 1900 block of Demaray Drive.
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Posted on 11/21/14 11:23AM by Jared Dill
Serial DUII offender sent to prison
A serial DUII offender was sentenced to 40 months in prison Wednesday by Judge Lindi Baker in Josephine County Circuit Court.
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Posted on 11/21/14 10:56AM by Jared Dill
Jackson County Resident Monitored for Ebola is Disease Free
A Jackson County resident returning from one of the epidemic countries in Africa has successfully completed their 21 days of surveillance and are no longer at risk for developing the Ebola Virus Disease.
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Posted on 11/21/14 10:22AM by Chuck Benson
Jeremy McGhee Arrested with Two Accomplices
Jeremy Douglas McGhee, 30, was arrested this morning at 3:35, after he was determined to be the driver of a vehicle stopped by a Grants Pass Police officer in the area of Cloverlawn Drive and Ponderosa Drive.
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Posted on 11/21/14 10:15AM by Chuck Benson
Jogger hit by a car last Saturday succumbs to her injuries
A jogger who was hit by a car at the intersection of Crater Lake Avenue and Brookhurst Street in Medford last Saturday died of her injuries Thursday.
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Posted on 11/21/14 8:27AM by Jared Dill
Woman abducted in Central Point; Suspect still on the loose
A woman was abducted Thursday morning in Central Point and the kidnapper is still on the loose.
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Posted on 11/21/14 5:23AM by Jared Dill
Rural/Metro responds to two flue fires in one day
Rural/Metro Fire Department responded to two flue fires yesterday.
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Posted on 11/20/14 11:27AM by Jared Dill
Trial ends in prison time for assaulter
The trial for a Josephine County man who committed an assault ended in a guilty verdict from the jury and a year in jail sentence on Wednesday.
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Posted on 11/20/14 10:44AM by Jared Dill
Investigators Find Nothing Illegal by Subscription Payment Services Companies in White City
Investigators for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department have discovered no illegality in the practice of several White City companies sending newspaper bills around the country. While being short of fraud, the practice is deceptive.
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Posted on 11/20/14 10:24AM by Chuck Benson

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